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Emma Rios -Ternero

I passed my Notarial exams at Cambridge University in 2008 and whilst studying I continued to work as a lawyer for a Marine Insurance company in London.

In addition to being a Notary, I am legally qualified to practice as a Lawyer in both England and Spain. In 1994 I obtained my first law degree in Spain becoming an "abogado" then moving to London where I worked for United Nations and continued my studies gaining a Master in Laws at the London School of Economics (L.S.E.) and later qualified as an English Solicitor in 1999.

My international background combines the knowledge of both the common and civil law jurisdictions that are very different which gives me a unique insight into the work and understanding of a Notary Public in many jurisdictions.

I am also bilingual in English and Spanish and have a good understanding of legal documents in French, Italian and Portuguese.